Episode 12

Published on:

13th Jun 2024

Elevating Native Narratives in Modern Media with Jhane Myers

Renowned producer and artist Jhane Myers, who is Comanche and Blackfeet, graces Beyond the Art to share her incredible journey in the entertainment industry. Jhane opens up about how her heritage shapes her work, the hurdles she faces as a Native American woman, and her unwavering commitment to authentic storytelling. Dive into her current projects, including a poignant documentary on Leonard Peltier, a cooking show, and diverse television endeavors, all designed to ensure accurate and meaningful representation of Native stories.

We also have a fascinating conversation with another producer who transitioned from a high-profile marketing role at Ralph Lauren to producing powerful media campaigns. She shares the secrets behind maintaining professional relationships and selecting groundbreaking projects that highlight Native voices in underrepresented genres like sci-fi. The success of "Prey" serves as a testament to her vision, demonstrating how Native narratives captivate diverse audiences and redefine the media landscape.

Finally, we celebrate the creative accomplishments of Jhane Myers' children and her own pivotal role in the film "Prey." This episode underscores the importance of fostering creativity across generations and the broader implications for Indigenous representation in media. We delve into the power of diverse collaboration, the challenges Native American filmmakers face, and the inspiring journey of using film to confront racism and authentically represent Native cultures. Join us for a compelling exploration of Native artistry and the evolving cultural narrative through the lens of dedicated storytellers.

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